Welcome to ISPod.IE!

 Hosted by Ray Heffernan and based on a set 49 question process, the Irish Songwriter Podcast seeks get into the psyche of the Irish Songwriter.
 From all across the Island and further afield, using the many varying experiences and accents, the story is told by many voices in a new and innovative format, while staying away from the standard "press release based" interview.

The shows are: 

The Irish Songwriters Podcast. 
  A conversation about songwriting through the various stages and changes of life, with regard to each writer's inspiration, method and approach. Following the common themes and differing experiences, these episodes are edited and mixed to read like a story, the story of the Irish Songwriter as narrated by 49 voices. 

ISPod Mini
 A short, focused insight into the personal story one of the voices heard on the Irish Songwriters Podcast

Golden Green
 An in-depth look at an Irish album that stands out. The writer speaks about the album that, either in writing, delivery or general excellence, has created its own place in Irish Music History. 

Late Night Raydio
A guided tour of some of the music used in the main episodes of the Irish Songwriters Podcast